The Dhance: The Truth Should Be Your Shield, And Lying To Yourself Is Also Fibbing To God.

A journalist friend says that you can’t mess up the truth. Lies, like Shakespeare wrote, “a tangled web we weave” are hard to remember, unfaithful to yourself and hurt others by telling them. One of the best thoughts in Unity teaching is the idea that truth is a universal, wherever it may be found. Many of you may be familiar with the ideas of TM, Transcendental Meditation that was popular when discovered by many in the 60’s from the Eastern gurus influence on people like John Lennon. My mentor Carol Ruth Knox considered herself a ‘Universalist’ and looked for truth in both Eastern and Western ideas of God and religion. Carol called those who attended her classes, Truth Students.

“The first significant statement given to any student of truth is to tell them that we cannot tell anybody what God is; therefore you are required to search for yourself. Most of all, search to experience IT for yourself. We suggest that you do the searching inside, and the silence is the proper place in which to do that searching. I was and still am one of her Truth Students and this directs me back to meditation. Some of my deepest insights have come while sitting in ‘the silence’.”

The heart of meditation is to be truthful to yourself and in Unity this also means to be part of the ‘universal truth’ that God is omnipresent. As John Lennon described it in music, “I am he, as you are me, and we are all together” as in “I Am The Walrus.” Would you lie to God?

Acceptance is an awesome force. Accepting reality is the force that drives forgiveness. You also can learn to cope in delving into the mind, life and acceptance of life and death that is the heart of Coy Cross’s experience related for all to learn from in “The Dhance” (Available from KohoPono Press, ISBN 978-0-9845424-2-0, visit or call 503-723-7392).

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