The Dhance: Why Would God Give Someone Cancer? Finding Peace In A Crisis Of Care.

For too many years I thought God was angry and we were all sinners who got what we deserved, as I was taught in the rolling hills of Kentucky. After many questions I became agnostic, giving up on God for a time. What purpose would, or could be served by praying for forgiveness when God wasn’t happy with us regardless? After much soul searching I was introduced to the ideas of Unity. The idea that God was within us, and we are all connected to the entire Universe good or bad that may be.

“(Unity Founder) Fillmore called this approach ‘practical Christianity’ since we can improve our health, prosperity or happiness by applying these metaphysical and divine truths to our daily life. Prayer is the path to alignment with God. ‘The purpose of prayer,’ according to Charles Fillmore, ‘is to change your thinking. God does not change.’ This answers one of the questions I (and you) keep asking…’Why does God answer sometimes and not others?”

Among the first things a caregiver must come to grips with is that God doesn’t give us cancer, heart disease or any other malady. What we can find through silent contemplation, or prayer, is the strength to accept what reality gives us in our personal hour of crisis and rise to the needs of those we love. (Whether medical, physical or spiritual.)

Acceptance is an awesome force. Accepting reality is the force that drives forgiveness. You also can learn to cope in delving into the mind, life and acceptance of life and death that is the heart of Coy Cross’s experience related for all to learn from in “The Dhance” (Available from KohoPono Press, ISBN 978-0-9845424-2-0, visit or call 503-723-7392).