The Dhance: Exploring The “New World” In Three Dimensions.

Last time you got ‘pressured’ into knowing that pain is often a catalyst that helps push through to another ‘dimension’ of your soul. This is what Carol Ruth Knox expressed as the difference between ‘duality’ which separates us from God and the next dimension, or ‘non-duality’ that opens your being to knowing God is within you and everything else as I share in “The Dhance”.

“Carol Ruth abhorred the superficial and platitudes and admitted she often felt like ‘an outcast’, who denied the existence of sin, which other Unity ministers called ‘missing the mark.’ ‘Missing the mark just throws you into duality, and implies that you are then separate from God. I don’t teach either/or, I teach both, and I don’t teach any kind of rejection of anything…it is all total acceptance…there is no way for there to be separation from God. Life for her had become a prayer, a prayer that maintained her in ‘constant grace’. In grace she knew that ‘nothing could be out of order’.”

It is what it is. This is ‘non-duality’, the belief that God is the only presence, the only power, and the only knowledge in the Universe and in our lives. Therefore, as I suggest in my experience as a caregiver you must accept what is, whatever that may be. You didn’t cause the problem and can’t likely solve it so being ‘consciously present’ without denial or anger is going to be essential for giving your best as a caregiver for those you love. This is especially true for men, who want to ‘fix’ everything.

Acceptance is an awesome force. Accepting reality is the force that drives forgiveness.

You also can learn to cope in delving into the mind, life and acceptance of life and death that is the heart of Coy Cross’s experience related for all to learn from in “The Dhance.”

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