My Prayer to the Afterlife

(Now that I am with You)

Now that I am with You and know what it is like to be near You I never want to leave Your side again

Someday, all those I have loved and were left behind will know what I know and nothing makes me happier than to understand that truth

How immense, how complete, How forgiving, how wondrous, How so full of love and light, You are more than enough for me!

I have come to know You and now have come to know myself as a part of Your creation as a part of this universe, endless, seamless, awesome, and even now, incomprehensible

I see all those I love, and am no longer weary. There is no pain here, for my senses are limitless Their grieving may seem long, but once we meet again It all will be as a twinkling of an eye

More than all I want, more than all I need You are more than enough for me More than all I know, more than all I see You are more than enough for me

Over here, the struggle to see and hear and breathe ceases I see everything, all at once I hear everything, all at once. I breathe in everything, all at once.

Over here, all things are remembered, but are no longer necessary All fear and longing, anxiety and loneliness, grief and sadness are honored as definite and needed as human experience But their pains are left at the gates exchanged for an overwhelming love that holds one to the breast of God at all times

I hear the bells and I know that I am home. © Rev. Paul V. Scholl