Hypnosis as an Allied Therapy to Improve the Quality of Life of Cancer Patients

(PRWEB) The Australian Academy of Hypnosis announced the conclusion of a clinical study into the effectiveness of hypnosis to improve quality of life and in symptom management for patients with cancer.

“It has been fantastic.” One participant said, “I didn’t know that things could be so affected by the depth within the mind. My energy is much better, everything about my body works much better, I’m more relaxed, I eat better, and I’ve learned not to bother worrying. This has been the best thing.”

Fatigue has been seen as one of the most common symptoms experienced by cancer patients and is associated with significant impairment in functioning and overall quality of life. Fatigue showed the greatest response statistically, (35.75% improving to 12.38%; p=0.0044), with all patients describing increased energy levels, decreased time spent at rest and a greater ability to live their lives the way they wish.

“I feel a lot more contented with my lot in life now, I listen to my body more and always have a better frame of mind. My cough has gone, my cramps and itching have gone, I am doing a lot more exercise with a lot less pain and fatigue. I feel like I have my life back and that I am back on track.”

Participants described dramatic improvements in insomnia within the first three sessions of hypnosis. This improvement was then maintained for the remainder of the study.

A patient with significant insomnia stated “I think this has been very worthwhile indeed, and there has definitely been significant improvements in my sleeping, much much less pain, and much more energy. Generally I just feel much better. I must admit that at the beginning I was a sceptic now I am convinced there is something very valid in all of this’.

Global quality of life showed significant improvement over the course of the study. (63.5% to 79.00%; p=0.0058) Feedback received included:

“I feel much better. I feel the best I have felt since the news of my cancer. I can eat and swallow comfortably again and my depression feels gone. I think that this treatment has been very very good for me.”

Patients who had endured nausea and vomiting at the commencement of the study all showed marked improvement (20.88% to 0%; p=0.095) One patient was amazed by the return of normal taste sensation (instead of a metallic taste) and another began to put on weight whilst undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

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About Rick Collingwood Rick Collingwood is the principal hypnotherapist at Mind Motivations and the Australian Academy of Hypnosis, he has assisted and consulted with more than 7000 individuals. His extensive client list includes Sales Motivators, Commercial Airline Pilots, Business People, Medical Professionals, Company Directors, Sales People, Homemakers, Children and people from all walks of life, facing such challenges as Stress Disorders, Nicotine and Drug Addiction, Gambling, Corporate Sales Motivation and Stress Management, Memory Enhancement, Phobia Control, Panic Attacks, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression and many other diverse issues.

He has also conducted numerous group seminars with attendances of up to 680 individuals. Rick has trained more than 250 hypnotherapists in Australia. He obtained his Doctorate in Social and Historical Philosophy from Trinity University in the USA. He has certified training in Counselling and Mental Health and has an extensive knowledge of clinical hypnosis combined with many years of practical clinical experience.

Rick is also the Author and Presenter of the top selling Life Enhancement Series of hypnosis CDs, and the Life Improvement Series of Hypnosis CD recordings. For further information please consult http://www.mindmotivations.com

About Nathan Elliott Nathan Elliott graduated with a Bachelor of Pharmacy Honours in 1996 from Curtin University of Technology. His honours thesis titled ‘Tachyphylaxis induced by epidural infusions of local anaesthetics’ was completed with the Acute Pain Service at Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital, Perth WA. Following this interest in palliative care he took up a position as the Clinical Pharmacist in charge of oncology / palliative care at St John of God Hospital, Subiaco WA. In 2000 he moved into community pharmacy, continuing an interest in oncology contributing to establish http://www.virtualcancercentre.com

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