Genetic Information to Stop Breast and Ovarian Cancer Launches Two Websites

Boca Raton, Florida (PRWEB) A young woman in the prime of her life who developed breast cancer due to a genetic predisposition to cancer desires to break the cycle of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer by raising one’s awareness of the benefits of genetic testing. While there are a multitude of web sites dedicated to educating the public about breast cancer, Genetic Information to Stop Breast and Ovarian Cancer is unique in its focus. Co-founders Lori and Bill Sklar wanted to focus on educating women about the benefits of genetic testing to ascertain their hereditary risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

They were personally motivated to create their non-profit organization, Genetic Information to Stop Breast and Ovarian Cancer, because Lori developed breast cancer at the age of 47 as the result of a gene mutation. If she had known about her genetic predisposition, she would have taken positive measures to reduce her risk of breast and ovarian cancer. She underwent months of chemotherapy and surgeries to reduce the chance that the cancer would return. Unfortunately, she developed leukemia as the result of the chemotherapy. Both Bill and Lori Sklar recognize the sensitivity of the subject of genetic testing but Lori’s story is one that could have been avoided if someone had educated her about genetic testing and its benefits. Through the development of two web sites Genetic Information to Stop Breast and Ovarian Cancer targets two different population groups of women across the globe. Reach Global ( was created to educate the general population of the benefits of genetic testing to ascertain whether they carry the gene mutation which places them in a higher risk category for breast and ovarian cancer. Due to the high risk of genetic breast and ovarian cancer among Ashkenazi women, Jacob International ( was created to target this niche of the population. Both web sites are supported by strong advisory boards consisting of well respected oncologists, geneticists, religious leaders, and businessmen and women.

Co-founders Lori and Bill Sklar are no strangers to helping others. Lori has been the social action chair of Congregation B’nai Israel in Boca Raton, Florida for over a decade. She has joined efforts with Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church to feed over 1000 needy children and adults at Thanksgiving time, set up a food drive at her synagogue to benefit the Daily Bread Food Bank and Kosher Food Pantry, and started 13 years ago Mitzvah Day where over 600 congregants perform different acts of kindness in the community. Bill has served as a faculty member of the University of Miami Law School for over 27 years in the Graduate Real Estate Law Program and is Counsel of Edwards, Angell, Palmer and Dodge, a national law firm. He chaired Governor Jeb Bush’s Task Force on Homeowner’s Associations and was responsible for the drafting and passage of legislation providing consumer protection reforms for millions of Florida homeowners.

The mission of Jacob International and Reach Global is to educate women women through brochures, videotapes, websites, and speaking engagements about genetic testing and its potential benefits. “Through our firsthand experience with failure in the medical community to advise Lori about genetic testing, we don’t want others to travel the road that Lori has had to endure, says Bill Sklar, President and co-founder of Jacob and Reach Global. “We are committed to spread the word so women can get tested, reduce their risk and prolong their lives.”

For further information about its mission please visit, and or call 1-561-394-9100.

Contact Information: Lori or Bill Sklar 561-394-9100 P.O. Box 880688, Boca Raton, Florida 33488