The Three Critical Things Most Families Miss When They Choose an Assisted Living Residence

(PRWEB) With many vacation visits home ending in a desperate search for assisted living alternatives for older loved ones, family care consultant Molly Shomer suggests that families often fail to check out the most important things. Taking a tour and sampling the food won’t substitute for skipping the three critical things every family should do before they make a final assisted living selection for an older loved one.

  1. Review the contract and admission documents before move-in day. When the moving van is idling and your mother is sitting in the lobby it’s too late to ask important questions. Have the contract thoroughly reviewed ahead of time by someone who understands assisted living.
  2. Ask for an “assessment and care plan” for your elder before signing an assisted living contract. What you pay will usually be based on the amount and kind of care provided. Know exactly what the facility will be doing for your elder. Even more important, know what will bump up the price later before you make a commitment.
  3. Understand what will trigger a request that your elder move out, and how the appeal process works. Not all behaviors or medical conditions can be managed in an assisted living setting.

Many families feeling desperate for help don’t know that they may be able to avoid making a rushed selection. Many assisted living residences will permit a prospective resident to “try out” the facility for a week or two without a long-term contract. This is a perfect opportunity for an elder to receive needed care while the family takes the time they need to make the right decision.

About Molly Shomer With regular doses of information, resources and support Molly specializes in helping the children of aging adults reduce the often overwhelming stress of caring for aging parents. She is the author of “The Insider’s Guide To Assisted Living,” where families can find in-depth information about everything they need to know before they sign an assisted living contract. She is nationally recognized as the publisher and “Head Coach” of The Eldercare Team informational site at

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