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Getting caregiving help at home can be easier than many people realize.

(NAPSI)—Charlotte Elliott of Georgia is a widow whose beloved husband of 40 years, Glen, passed away from brain cancer five years ago.

Living alone and with limited family in the area, Charlotte was looking for help that she could trust.

Fortunately, after receiving a piece of mail from Solutions for Caregivers, a benefit of Glen’s retirement package as a ranger chief for the Georgia Forestry Commission, Charlotte placed a call to the program and was immediately connected with Kris, a Solutions for Caregivers care coordinator. “Kris jumped right on my case. She spent time with me and helped me feel better about my situation. Kris identified caregiver resources in my area to help me with day-to-day living,” said Charlotte.

With assistance from Solutions for Caregivers, Charlotte was directed to “wonderful people” who have been able to more effectively address her needs as a diabetic and amputee. Solutions for Caregivers has provided “all kinds of diet guides and information that has put me on the right path. Eating better is getting my diabetes under control.” Charlotte adds, “It makes me feel good that someone cares about me and is willing to help. We need to get the word out about Solutions for Caregivers. There are other people who need caregiver help.”

Solutions for Caregivers provides care planning and care coordination services designed to support the overall well-being of the person receiving care and help alleviate stress for you and your family. Services are available in all 50 states and can be tailored to your needs. You can get the support you need today.

You can learn more at or by calling (877) 765-4473

CAPTION: Getting caregiving help at home can be easier than many people realize.

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