The Dhance: It Isn’t Eric Clapton! Who Is God And Where Can You Find Him?

There was a time when mortal humans were called ‘gods’ but were not. Eric Clapton was labeled a ‘guitar god’ in the 1960’s and that is closer to what I have learned to be the truth from the ‘practical Christianity’ of Unity. As I outline in my painful learning process in becoming a caregiver described in “The Dhance” God is within all of us.

(Unity Founder) “Charles, although lacking much formal education had an inquisitive mind and sought a scientific explanation for Myrtle’s cure. ‘He concluded God is not an external, personal, arbitrary monarch who rules the Universe as I had been taught, but spirit that dwells within each of us. God, therefore, is immanent and transcendent, both within us ‘nearer our hands and feet’ and everywhere present, even the far reaches of the Universe. Charles Fillmore was a believer in both science and metaphysics. He saw the

Bible as an allegory for the evolving human consciousness…”

So, while Eric Clapton plays that guitar maybe without knowing he finds that place within him where God also plays! That connection is also there for you if you find you need it, as many who are challenged by becoming a caregiver will discover.

Acceptance is an awesome force. Accepting reality is the force that drives forgiveness.

You also can learn to cope in delving into the mind, life and acceptance of life and death that is the heart of Coy Cross’s experience related for all to learn from in “The Dhance”

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