New Technology in the Battle Against Transmission of Infectious Diseases Designed to Help Hospitals and Save Taxpayers Money

(PRWEB) American Safe Room, Inc. of Sutherlin, Oregon has developed the Safe Cell 800i, a portable system that quickly and easily converts a standard patient room to a regulation CDC qualified infectious isolation room like those used for tuberculoses patients, or positive pressure isolation room like those used for bone marrow transplant, burn and AIDS patients.

The new portable, self-contained system requires no modification to the existing HVAC system and can be quickly and easily installed by on staff hospital personal. It comes complete with a negative or positive pressure HEPA filtration unit, digital differential pressure monitor and digital differential pressure monitor, and all the required hardware for set-up and operation.

The Safe Cell 800i borrowed much of its design criteria from its company’s predecessor the Safe Cell 100N, a rapidly deployable tactical military device that protects against airborne nuclear, chemical and biological accident or terrorism by creating a toxin free protected space in an ordinary room. The Safe Cell 100N is classified by the U.S. Government office of Defense Trade Controls as a tactical military device and Deemed a class 14 munitions.

The ASR-800i was the brainchild of the engineers at American Safe Room. Chief Engineer Len Henrikson says “High end air filtration and room air pressure control is something we already do very well, so we decided to apply our resources of engineering, manufacturing, and product support into a dedicated self-contained filtration system for hospital and institutional applications. That is really where the need is right now for cost effective, dependable airborne protection. Imagine being a hospital administrator who just had the option land on his desk of converting any existing patient room into an isolation room for under $4,000—without having to tear into the existing HVAC ductwork. All of a sudden you have the option of having an isolation room on each floor, where patients who suddenly show symptoms of airborne diseases can quickly and easily be moved in to without having to transport them through the hospital to the isolation ward. Or better yet, roll in the Safe Cell and convert their existing room without moving the patient. Having isolation rooms on demand gives the doctors another tool when they suspect that a patient may have a contagious disease. It’s all about the response time.”

The criteria was simple: the system must be in kit form and include all devices and hardware to create a selectable mode system for positive or negative pressure infectious isolation rooms, it must be easy to install by hospital staff in one hour or less, and must qualify the room to CDC guidelines for an infectious isolation room. Since most of the install time is used locating and controlling the existing air ventilation system for the Safe Cell, it’s possible that in the future, we will see hospitals being built without dedicated isolation rooms since every room can be converted so quickly.We may see hospitals with connections and vents in every room to immediately deploy the Safe Cell at the first indication of an airborne disease.

A standard unit will sell with the monitor for less than $4000, it costs an established hospital between $40,000 and $80,000 to remodel an existing room into isolation. Another great attribute of this machine is that it can be utilized with many of the surge capacity tents, trailers and facility conversions set up for mass casualty scenarios and fundable by a Homeland Security Grant.

The Safe Cell ASR-800i can be seen by visiting their company’s website

American Safe Room, Inc., an Oregon corporation formed by a group of engineers in response to the attacks of September 11, 2001, committed to quick reliable and affordable protection from intentional or accidental release of atmospheric nuclear, biological or chemical agents.

The US Department of State, Bureau of Military Affairs and Defense Trade Controls have granted an export license to, American Safe Room Inc. to manufacture and export their CBRN filtration equipment.

Contact Information; Administration and Sales Office 215 North Calapooia Street Sutherlin, OR 97479 Phone: 541-459-4845 FAX: 541-459-4752

Company Name: AMERICAN SAFE ROOM INC. Website:

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