Some Fights Are Never Over

(PRWEB) Who could possibly imagine doing three Ironmans in one year, all under 10 hours, and only one year after brain tumor surgery? This is what Tom Tucker accomplished on October 15th in Kona, Hawaii in the Ironman World Championship competition. It was the many words of encouragement he received from other brain tumor survivors that kept Tom’s spirits up during the low points of the race. Tom feels, “I was able to draw on all of these when the race seemed like too great a challenge.”

The 2.4 mile swimming part of the triathlon almost got the best of him. Tom had to stop a couple of times to collect his thoughts and retain his breakfast; yes this ocean swim can make one seasick. After the seasick stomach settled down, Tom was able to wheel in some of the other cyclists and move up 276 places in the 112 mile bike race. With a strong start and sudden burst of energy he was then able to run the 26.2 marathon. All tolled, he completed the Ironman challenge in less than 10 hours.

After all is said and done Tom reflects that, “Every race I completed since my diagnosis, no matter how painful (and believe me I am feeling the aches at the moment), are nice reminders of the joy that come from any challenge — physical, mental, emotional and even medical.”

Some fights are never over and Tom’s challenge is not over by a long shot. He continues to use his abilities and resources to help raise research funds for the American Brain Tumor Association. His ultimate goal is to help find a cure for brain tumors.

Tom is looking forward to future races. He is also thinking about rallying some people together to do a ‘significant’ trek/mountain climb on Mt. Logan, Mt. Rainer or maybe somewhere in the Himalayas. When you’re doing something for a cause, especially one so personally significant, it gives a special meaning to whatever you do.

For more information about Tom and his other accomplishment and fundraising efforts visit his website at The American Brain Tumor Association exists to eliminate brain tumors through research and to meet the needs of brain tumor patients and their families. Visit for more information about brain tumors.


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